1. Yes Your Tile Can Sustain Water Damage

    Though we specialize in marble restoration and tile restoration in Boca Raton, we also focus our experienced attention on water damage restoration. Standing water can prove to be very detrimental to not only the look of your tile but to the internal structure itself. Tile is not impervious to water. When water is allowed to sit on a tile surface, grout and adhesive become saturated. The water then…Read More

  2. A Lesson in Hollow Tiles

    Often when called in for chipped or cracked tile restoration we are asked by the homeowner about hollow-sounding tiles. Generally, a tile that produces a hollow type of sound when tapped on may indicate that the tile is not fully bonded to the substrate. Pretty much if the sound generated is a high-pitched tone, chances are the tile is fine. A low-pitched tone often points to installation problems…Read More

  3. Tile Restoration for Spanish Saltillo Tiles

    In Boca Raton, as in the rest of Florida as a whole, its easy to look around and see Spanish and Venetian influences easily and frequently. From clay tile roofs to arched doorways to saltillo flooring tiles. The look is uniquely Floridian and appreciated by residents and visitors alike. But with saltillo tile come specialized requirements for tile cleaning and restoration.  At No More Dirt, Inc. …Read More

  4. Choosing the Best Tile for the Job

    Sure we specialize in tile cleaning and restoration in the Boca Raton area, but very often we come across homeowners who, through either bad advice and lack of knowledge, have the wrong tile in the wrong place. We often consult with homeowners as to why they often have cleaning and maintenance issues in regards to their tile and stone work. The issues can be varied when a tile is used in an improp…Read More

  5. A Lesson in Bathroom Tile

    If there is anywhere in your home that you could completely cover in tile and actually have it look not just ok, but luxurious, it would be your bathroom. And as many varying applications available so are the choices in looks and materials. Across the vanity, climbing the walls, lining the shower and bath and found underfoot, the uses are endless but they have their requirements in order to make t…Read More

  6. The Right Choice for Tile for Your Kitchen

    Yes we specialize in natural stone and tile cleaning in Boca Raton, but very often we stumble upon homeowners who continue to have the same cleaning and maintenance issues with the same tile. This is usually a problem created by the homeowner's use of the wrong tile in the wrong place, usually after getting bad advice or by not having enough information about the tile or its application. Providing…Read More

  7. Restoring and Cleaning Travertine Tile

    One of the more beautiful and popular choices in tile, travertine adds a touch of luxury to any tile installation, whether utilized as the entire project or as an accent or border. This variation of limestone has been used in construction for hundreds of years. The Trevi Fountain in Rome, which is more than 300 years old,  was built with travertine tiles, proving the durability of this natural st…Read More

  8. Grout: The Workhorse Behind a Great Tile Job

    Tile and granite are pretty much the pageant winners of good floor and countertop design. The beauty that both can add to a kitchen or bathroom is undeniable. Eliciting ooh's and aah's are part of the duties of a good tile job and the right tile wins the crown every time. But behind the scenes, giving tile the spotlight, while taking a supporting role is....grout. One could say that grout is the w…Read More

  9. Why You Should Use a Professional Marble and Tile Restoration Expert

    Few stones are used for their natural beauty more than marble. Marble has been a preferred building and decorative material for thousands of year.  Ancient Greeks used Parian marble, the world's whitest and purest marble ever discovered,   in both sculptures and as building material. Today, carrara marble is highly sought after for both its stark white beauty and its durability. Many other marbl…Read More

  10. Tile & Grout Cleaning is just one step of Tile Restoration

    Though tile and grout work together to give your floor just the right appearance, its important to keep in mind the overall condition of the material itself. Tile restoration includes several steps in getting a floor, countertop or shower back to its original brilliance. At No More Dirt, we strive to be the best in tile restoration in Boca Raton and beyond by taking each and every one of these ste…Read More