If there is anywhere in your home that you could completely cover in tile and actually have it look not just ok, but luxurious, it would be your bathroom. And as many varying applications available so are the choices in looks and materials. Across the vanity, climbing the walls, lining the shower and bath and found underfoot, the uses are endless but they have their requirements in order to make tile and grout cleaning simple and effective. Just like we advised in the kitchen blog, never ever use a wall tile for flooring. You will regret the decision as it will make tile and grout cleaning a chore, not to mention chips and cracks are more likely to happen again and again.

For sitting and walking areas think slip-resistant and make sure they are approved for a wet location. Ceramic and porcelain, like kitchens have various uses and are generally easy to maintain and could be used anywhere in your bathroom.

Though marble is always a beautiful choice, the cost of maintaining and sealing it may preclude you from using it in highly used areas. Marble tiling is fabulous for walls in the shower and throughout the rest of the room. Marble restoration may be needed to keep its natural beauty through the years, but marble is usually an appreciated addition. Glass and mosaics in different sizes are also being incorporated into more and more bathroom designs bringing both beauty and easy maintenance.

Whatever choice you make for your tile and stone needs, No More Dirt, Inc. can help you maintain its beauty and continued use. With the best in tile and grout cleaning in Boca Raton and our exemplary marble restoration services, we keep your bathroom walls and floors sparkling for years.