When it comes to making your tile floors or countertops appear as clean as possible, grout is king. Your tile can be spotless. It can shine and appear brand new. But if your grout is dirty, stained or damaged, the tile is just not going to look its best. The entire surface will be left looking less than appealing.

Which is why we put so much effort into our tile and grout cleaning. No More Dirt goes beyond just surface cleaning and goes deep into the grout to remove unsightly stains. We have helped tile to regain its luster in thousands of homes in Boca Raton and its surrounding cities. We are the top-rated local® tile and grout cleaning service in Boca Raton and always look forward to helping you keep your home looking fantastic, extending the life of your floor, shower or bath and adding value to your home.

Why take on the high cost of replacing a tile floor or shower? Often, all that is needed is No More Dirt. Let us come in,  restore and beautify the existing tile and grout to bring back the look that you fell in love with. Our tile and grout techs will bring the exact customized tools for your job and can usually be done in the same day. Re-grouting, sealing and staining services are also available to restore the look to your tile if needed. Visit our Specials and Promotions page for exclusive discounts for visitors to our website and make sure to mention the discount when scheduling your appointment. With No More Dirt, you have no more dirt!