Sure we specialize in tile cleaning and restoration in the Boca Raton area, but very often we come across homeowners who, through either bad advice and lack of knowledge, have the wrong tile in the wrong place. We often consult with homeowners as to why they often have cleaning and maintenance issues in regards to their tile and stone work. The issues can be varied when a tile is used in an improper application. Fact is, tile has so many different options available because it serves so many purposes from floors and patios to countertops and showers and its imperative that the correct tile is used.  And if properly cared for through cleaning and restoration, tile can beautifully last for many years.

For kitchen floors its important to choose a tile that is impervious to spills. Porcelain tile is a great choice, usually better than a stone choice, because of its resiliency. Slate-look options in porcelain are also good for areas like mud-rooms and laundry areas as they are less likely to show dirt and is super-strong. Never use a wall tile on the floor, they aren’t meant to take the abuse and load that floor tiles are designed to. Ceramic tiles are generally rated on a class scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the most resistant, making it easier to choose a ceramic tile when looking to use it on a floor. Household flooring should be a class 2 for lesser traffic areas and class 3 or higher for kitchens.  Kitchen countertop design of late has been dominated by granite. Other natural stone used often for kitchen countertops include soapstone and slate. Where each has its own advantages slate is the non-porous choice of the three – making it virtually maintenance-free. Granite and soapstone will need sealing and will need a stone cleaner for daily cleaning.

For bathrooms and showers think slip-resistant and approved for a wet location. Ceramic and porcelain are again popular choices but vinyl is the most used in bathrooms for its durability, low maintenance and affordability.

Wherever you choose to place tile and whatever tile works best for your needs, remember No More Dirt, Inc. is the best choice for tile cleaning and stone restoration in Boca Raton. Our techs can answer your tile and stone questions and of course, know just what your tile needs to bring it back to its natural beauty. Schedule a consultation now at 561-271-4000.