Tile and granite are pretty much the pageant winners of good floor and countertop design. The beauty that both can add to a kitchen or bathroom is undeniable. Eliciting ooh’s and aah’s are part of the duties of a good tile job and the right tile wins the crown every time. But behind the scenes, giving tile the spotlight, while taking a supporting role is….grout. One could say that grout is the wind beneath tile’s wings.

A number of factors underlie the importance of what grout brings to the design picture. If noticed, because lets face it, you’re not really supposed to notice grout, is the color itself. The color chosen is simply meant to make the tile shine and stand out even more. It is almost never meant to pull attention away from the tile, but rather, enhance it. The right grout color will pull certain coloring in the tile itself enhancing its beauty and tying it more fully into the rest of the room design. Contrasting grout colors can also bring out traditional design schemes when going “retro” or sticking to certain eras of design; say with use in a vintage home like an early century victorian or craftsman home. A dirty, aging grout job tends to only make its more outgoing sister, tile, appear less than radiant too. Professional tile and grout cleaning is always the choice if your grout is in good shape. Recoloring your grout can bring an entirely new look, helping you to avoid replacement.

Though taking the backseat in design elements, grout is the element of a tile job, be it a countertop, floor or shower stall that also provides protection. With a shoddy grout job, tile is more vulnerable to chipping and coming loose. Again, taking away from its potential beauty.

These distortions to your tile installations can be avoided with cleaning the tile and grout, recoloring the grout when preferred and even regrouting when needed. No More Dirt Co. has been professionally servicing homes in Boca Raton and surrounding areas for more than a dozen years. We want only to provide the highest quality tile and cleaning with the highest customer service possible. Call to schedule a full consultation with one of our professional techs and see why our customers come back again and again.