One of the more beautiful and popular choices in tile, travertine adds a touch of luxury to any tile installation, whether utilized as the entire project or as an accent or border. This variation of limestone has been used in construction for hundreds of years. The Trevi Fountain in Rome, which is more than 300 years old,  was built with travertine tiles, proving the durability of this natural stone. Modern uses for travertine include flooring, showers, wall coverings, countertops and more.

If you’re looking for a highly polished and shiny look to your floor, travertine is not for you. The natural matte finish of travertine is what lends warmth to the tile and should be maintained for its unique look. This tile also feels soft underfoot which unfortunately lends itself to a tendency to scratch and stain. It also has been known to be highly sensitive to acidic liquids and materials. Therefore, kitchen countertops would not be the best place to install travertine tiles unless thoroughly sealed against possible orange juice or vinegar spills.  Other issues to look out for with travertine include natural holes that appear and swirl marks left by the cutter or application of sealant.

Travertine can be expensive depending on the quality and has an installation cost that varies between $5 – $40/sq. foot. To protect your investment, No More Dirt recommends regular professional tile and grout cleaning. Tile cleaning can keep your travertine looking its best while maintaining its function for years on end. Boca Raton residents have been turning to No More Dirt for almost two decades for the best in tile and grout cleaning. Call 561-271-4000 for a free quote today.

Tile and grout cleaning