Though tile and grout work together to give your floor just the right appearance, its important to keep in mind the overall condition of the material itself. Tile restoration includes several steps in getting a floor, countertop or shower back to its original brilliance. At No More Dirt, we strive to be the best in tile restoration in Boca Raton and beyond by taking each and every one of these steps seriously. We want only to have you be, not only satisfied, by completely happy with the results.

Obviously, the first step would be the basic tile and grout cleaning as needed. With the different textures that exist in the dozens of choices of surface materials dirt can sometimes be more resistant to cleaning efforts than homeowners can deal with. Which is why our professional tile cleaning service is so important. We know just which applications and cleaning materials to use on whatever surface we are working on. Knowing just what substances to use on marble vs porcelain vs ceramic is just part of the knowledge that we train every one of our techs to have in abundance.

We then take your tile restoration further, checking for cracks or chips that may need to be repaired and  fixing any loose or hollow tiles. We then polish both stone and tile, remove any stains and seal any exposed natural stone to protect it from future damage or staining. If needed or desired we can even change the color of your grout to bring out the best colors in your tile, complementing the rest of your home decor.

When it comes to professional stone and tile restoration in Boca Raton, the choice is clear: No More Dirt. Call to schedule a full consultation with one of our expert technicians at 561-271-4000.