In Boca Raton, as in the rest of Florida as a whole, its easy to look around and see Spanish and Venetian influences easily and frequently. From clay tile roofs to arched doorways to saltillo flooring tiles. The look is uniquely Floridian and appreciated by residents and visitors alike. But with saltillo tile come specialized requirements for tile cleaning and restoration.  At No More Dirt, Inc. we take special care in knowing just what products and techniques to use on this special tiling.

Saltillo tile is a type of terracotta tile first manufactured in Saltillo, Mexico. Though it varies in color and shape it is generally found to be in red, orange and yellow colors. Because saltillo tile is highly porous it is often difficult to install and to maintain. But the Spanish charm that it lends to its environment is found to be worth the extra effort. A thorough and quality sealing is required to keep it from soaking in any and all liquid and to make cleaning the tile easier.

At No More Dirt, Co. we have years of experience dealing with the specific and unique requirements of saltillo tile and its maintenance; as we do with every other type of tile. We want to take away the worry from having the beauty of saltillo tile and its cleaning and restoration needs. Let our expert technicians bring the full radiance of your saltillo floor, countertop or patio using only the recommended products and techniques. Call us today to schedule a free consultation 561-271-4000.