Few stones are used for their natural beauty more than marble. Marble has been a preferred building and decorative material for thousands of year.  Ancient Greeks used Parian marble, the world’s whitest and purest marble ever discovered,   in both sculptures and as building material. Today, carrara marble is highly sought after for both its stark white beauty and its durability. Many other marble variations are being discovered throughout the United States today and have opened up a whole new interest in marble applications for the home and office.

But with beauty comes challenge. Though it is quite durable, marble does have its drawbacks as it is easily marred with stains due to its porousness. Which is why, no matter how your marble is utilized in your home, you take care to maintain and restore it properly. At No More Dirt, we treat marble with the tender loving care it deserves. And we do so with the intent of making its luxurious beauty last. Our professionals know just how to refinish your marble floors, countertops, shower or even fireplace mantel. With No More Dirt’s tile and marble restoration, Boca Raton homeowners, and business owners alike, can trust that they can enjoy the look and durability of their investment lasts for many years to come.

With every marble restoration or tile cleaning service job at No More Dirt, our techs take special care to remove deposits, fill gaps and holes, and polish and re-seal. We also use only top-quality products and materials to do so. To schedule your appointment and to receive a custom quote please call 561-271-4000. We service Boca Raton and other cities in the Southern Florida region.