Though we specialize in marble restoration and tile restoration in Boca Raton, we also focus our experienced attention on water damage restoration. Standing water can prove to be very detrimental to not only the look of your tile but to the internal structure itself. Tile is not impervious to water. When water is allowed to sit on a tile surface, grout and adhesive become saturated. The water then seeps into the tile and destroys the bond between the tile and cement. The damage, though appearing isolated to just a few tiles, may actually become a problem throughout entire tile installation. Depending on the type of tile, damage can be widespread as different tiles possess different levels of porousness.

If you find that you have a water emergency, it’s important to act right away. We can help you with water extraction immediately and then assess whether damage has already taken place. We  then work to mitigate any of that damage and to restore your tile installation. Proper tile restoration on water damaged areas can save a homeowner hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars and avoid having to replace their entire tile floor.

We also have industrial water restoration equipment available for rent for those homeowners who are more hands-on and prefer to do it themselves. But if you would rather have an experienced pro handle your water damage and tile restoration job, No More Dirt can get rid of the water and get your floor back to its original beauty. Call 561-271-4000 for a full consultation with one of our restoration pros.